Meet the Team

What’s up! Thanks for taking some time to get to know the people of WCB. We’re kinda from all over the place, but mainly, we try to stick with people from the Best Coast. The others are still fans of the teams they cover, just don’t reside over here.

Anyways, get to know a little about us:

Jack Parodi — Bay Area

Founder; Editor; Giants, 49ers, Warriors writer; West Coast Bias podcaster; WCB Podcast Network editor/producer
Twitter: @jack_parodi // Instagram: @jack_parodi

So, that’s me — no, that’s not my girlfriend. That’s Steph, she’s dope.

Anyways. I like Natural Light, chicken tenders and my friends think I look like Baker Mayfield if he stopped playing football and got a dad bod.

I’m currently a senior studying print and digital sports journalism with a goal of becoming a professional sports writer. I’ve had previous experience covering Missouri football and basketball for Rock M Nation, the St. Louis Cardinals for 590 The Fan and mid-Missouri sports for the Columbia Missourian.

I support the Giants, Niners, Warriors, Sharks and the Browns on the side. Chose to like the Brownies in 6th grade and haven’t looked back since.

Matthew Judy — Sacramento

Co-founder; Cal, Sacramento Kings writer; West Coast Bias podcaster
Twitter: @mattjudesports // Instagram: @mattjudes

Judy hasn’t sent me (Parodi) his bio yet, so I’m making it for the time being. Sucks for him.

So here’s Judy with his girlfriend. They’re pretty steady and pretty tall. She says she’s 5-foot-13 (she intimidates me sometimes, but it’s fine) and he hovers around 6-foot-4; but that’s “because he slouches.” Judy claims when he stands up straight he’s 6-foot-6, so I’ll take his word for that, I guess. I won’t specify exactly how much shorter I am than Judy, but let’s just say I’m legally listed at an even 6-foot on my driver’s license.

Judy used to go to Cal, but transferred to Mizzou his sophomore year. It’s hilarious because he had over a 4.0 GPA in high school and I racked up a nice ol’ 2.8, but here we are in the same place studying the same thing.

He’s currently a senior on the broadcast side of things and you can find him wearing makeup covering local sports on KOMU8 here in Columbia, Missouri. He worked for KTVU2 in the Bay this summer as well as a FOX40 in Sacramento, too.

Judy’s a helpless Sacramento Kings and Cal sports fan, as well as the Niners, Giants and Sharks. Go ahead and follow Judy on Twitter, he needs some more followers. According to him it’s chock full of “lots of sports, some blind Kings homerism and a dash of nonsensical rambling.”

Aidan Carlsen — Chicago

Sharks writer, Top Cheddar podcaster
Twitter: @sharkaiders // Instagram: @sharkaiders

Currently a senior at Mizzou majoring in Journalism. Despite hailing from Chicago I’m a die-hard San Jose Sharks fan. I’ve got three assists and am a minus-9 in three games of beer league.

Andrew Schmidt — St. Louis

Rams writer, Podcaster
Twitter: @AndrewSchmidt25 // Instagram: @schmidty2515

He hasn’t sent in his bio yet, so no profile for him.


Mariners writer
Twitter: unknown // Instagram: unknown

We’re not entirely sure where this guy is from, what his name is or how he somehow got into our private website account. But he did and just randomly started posting these articles about the Mariners, and they were actually pretty good. If we had to guess, we’d probably say he’s somewhere around the Seattle area because why else would you know so much about a team as sad as the Mariners, but hey, keep ’em comin’.

Ben Ramirez — Los Angeles

Dodgers, Angels writer

By the looks of it, I probably won a shooting contest and I’m thanking the raucous crowd. Well, I didn’t. I took 13 shots and missed 12 of them. My free throw-shooting ability is quite sub-par. My writing isn’t as bad, I promise.

I’m a sophomore at Mizzou studying strategic communications. I spent my freshman year writing for The Maneater covering Mizzou volleyball and baseball. I’ll be interning for Mizzou Athletics in the fall, so I guess it’s good I’m writing about something other than collegiate sports.

Speaking of, I’ll be writing about my hometown Los Angeles Dodgers and the adjacent (Los Angeles) Angels of Anaheim. People say I plug my Twitter a lot, so I guess go follow that.

Bo Templin — San Diego

Padres, Lakers writer; Beyond The Arc podcaster
Twitter: @botemplin // Instagram: @botemplin

Encinitas born and raised. Almost Mizzou made. Padres 2020. Fear the Deer. NBA stan. Fan of the fight game. If I’m not watching the NBA, I’m getting buckets or seeing a movie. My favorite beer is Latitude 33 Blood Orange. Lefty.

Charlie Kipp — Cleveland

Gambling writer, Happiness Hedge podcaster
Twitter: @CharlieKipp // Instagram: @Just_The_Kipp

I am whichever guy you think is more handsome in the above photo.

Born in raised in the North Shore of Chicago, I am your classic Cleveland sports fan. My parents, from The Land, brainwashed me into a life of sports misery since I could breathe. As I got older, I came into my own as a native son of Chicago and fully adopted the Cubbies as my baseball team of choice (ultimately, I’ve learned sports misery is my lot in life…)

A Mizzou J-School alum (stop me if you’ve read that on this website already) and now full-time corporate drone working for a Sports Marketing Agency in Chicago. I have a passion for dark beer, 6:30 a.m. Saturday wake-up’s for Premier League soccer (I worked for Fulham FC in London in a previous life) and D.J.’ing tailgates.

Look out for my opinions on gambling, soccer and the overuse of parentheses (sorry.)

Chris Berg — Bay Area

49ers, Warriors columnist
Twitter: @chrisberg777 // Instagram: @christopher.berg_

He hasn’t sent in his bio yet, so no profile for him.

Collin Clack — San Diego

Chargers writer, Rounding Third podcaster
Twitter: @CollinClack3 // Instagram: @collinclack

He hasn’t sent in his bio yet, so no profile for him.

Connor Worley — Missouri

Seahawks, Suns writer; Beyond The Arc podcaster
Twitter: @connor_worley

He hasn’t sent in his bio yet, so no profile for him.

Dustin Sleet — San Diego

Dodgers, Angels writer; Rounding Third podcaster
Twitter: @dustinsleet // Instagram: @dsleeter

I’m not that ugly boy on the left, that’s Bo (not in the middle, either if you’re curious). Future Indiana University Alum. Born and raised in the same place as Emily Ratajkowski. Advocate of the Padres rebuild. Waiting for KD to leave the Warriors. Haven’t missed a betting day in 2018 and I enjoy a Natty Light or two in my free time. Runs a 7.5 60-yard-dash and can put up 225 zero times.

Gabriel John Ostler — Bay Area

NHL writer, Top Cheddar podcaster
Twitter: @orindasfinest // instagram: lol no

To spare you the suspense, I am on the right in the picture, as I am unfortunately not the APW Junior Heavyweight Champion. Shouts to Jungle Boy tho.

What I am is Orinda’s Finest, Bay Area born and raised, and a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame. I’m also a producer for 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, but as these fresh-eyed, snot-nosed colleagues of mine will soon discover, finding someone to pay you for your sports opinions post-graduation is no easy task.

Also, I saw Parodi’s LinkedIn post a little late in the game, so I have to stick with basically every Pacific Divison NHL team that I want thrown into a trash compactor. But make no mistake — you want analysis, of puck luck or anything else, I’m your guy.

Sharks, Warriors, Patriots, Giants. Bowling and professional wrestling. DM me your insurance fraud scam ideas and let’s see where it goes.

Jarrett Perches — Bay Area

Mid-Major sports writer
Twitter: @JarrettPerches // Instagram: @jarrettperches

As a fraternity QB, athletic chair and proud owner of plenty of intramural accolades, Jarrett Perches (right side in picture) has had a prestigious college career. But as a Senior, Perches knows his reign over college rec level athletics is coming to a close. Knowing he wanted to continue his involvement in sports during this next chapter of his life, he decided to give this whole sports writing thing a try.

As a student at Division III Chapman University, Perches has always been a large proponent of the little guys, or underdogs, if you will. Thus, Perches will focus much of his writing and researching efforts on the hidden gems of college basketball, and seeking out the mid-majors that could make a run in March. Much of this love for the underdogs stems from Perches’ past, in which he stood a puny 4 foot 11 as a seventh grader and was unable to grow even the slightest excuse for facial hair until his junior year of college. Now, Perches stands 6 foot 1, but still boasts a “Matthew Dellavedova-like” mentality from his times as the late bloomer he once was.

In his free time, Perches enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends, and writing about himself in the third person to boost his own credibility and make himself feel important.

Lauren Rosenberg — Houston

Cardinals writer
Twitter: @lrosenberg101 // Instagram: @thesilentx

They haven’t sent in their bio yet, so no profile for them.

Leslie Turner — Sacramento

Raiders, A’s writer
Twitter:@leslieeturner // Instagram: @_lezz.t

Hey everyone! My name is Leslie Turner and I am a former high school athlete that really had no chance in hell to compete at a collegiate level. That being said… I try to be as involved with sports as possible!

I was born and raised in northern California as a die-hard Oakland fan, specifically the A’s and Raiders. I started at Arizona State University and earned my Associate Degree in Business Administration at San Diego Mesa College in Spring 2017. Now I am a senior at San Diego State University working towards my Bachelor of Science Degree in business and pursuing a professional career in the sports industry.

I am a Sports Marketing assistant at California State Games and had the opportunity to intern for the Los Angeles Rams for training camp.

I try to go to any game I can during any chance I get. For the love of the game.

Matt Daus — St. Louis

Sports columnist
Twitter: @DatDude_MD // Instagram: @datdude_md

He hasn’t sent in his bio yet, so no profile for him.

Micah Wright — Columbia, MO

Washington State, Jazz writer
Twitter: @Micah__Wright // Instagram: @micah.wright

I’m the big guy (6-foot-4, not to brag) on the left sporting the Kobe jersey and those sexy crocs. I’m from Columbia, Missouri (MIZ! if you know you know) but don’t let that tease you — I love my West Coast sports. I’ve been raised a Raiders fan, as painful as that has been, and I’ve also been an A’s and Lakers fan my whole life. I’m the youngling blogger of the group as a junior in high school, but I’ve always dreamed of having a job writing, broadcasting, or podcasting about sports. I’ll make sure to give you my best and unbiased thoughts on Wazoo and the Jazz for you all to enjoy.

Michaela Bennett — Kansas City

West Coast Bias podcaster, Columnist
Twitter: @Mickay_22 // Instagram: @mickay_22

Don’t let my looks fool you, I know a thing or two about sports. Yes, I can write but I sure love to talk.

I currently am working on my thesis to complete my Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri in Sports Journalism. I’ve been pretty busy working for the Mizzou Athletics department in the strategic communication office as well as on-camera reporting for Mizzou Network (check me out on youtube).

I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Spanish. So yes, I love to workout and si, I know Spanish.

Along with working for my universities, I worked for the Kansas City Chiefs during my college stent and fell even more in love with the team. I’ve also had experience working with the SEC at Football Media Days and the SEC Football Championship game.

I love dad jokes, impractical jokers and make more puns than the above average person.

I support (actually live for) the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals.

Mike O’Neill — Philadelphia

USC, UCLANCAA, Rams writer
Twitter: @MikeONeill___ // Instagram: @MikeONeill__

Sophomore at the University of Southern California. Covers primarily college football and basketball for WCB. Avid golfer and light beer enthusiast. Athletic accomplishments include but are not limited to going 3-for-4 with two dingers at a sorority philanthropy.

Quinn Trask — Denver

Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche writer; Off The Crossbar podcaster
Twitter: @quinntrask // Instagram: @quinntrask

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri studying Strategic Communications and Business. I’m a die-hard Broncos fan and lifelong Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche fan. I strive to give you honest, hard hitting coverage for those teams, not your run-of-the-mill millennial journalism.

Some fun facts about me: I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. I struck out three times on six pitches in beer league softball one time even though I was a varsity baseball captain. I credit myself as the reason Judy and Ms. Judy are such a happy couple, almost like a father figure to their love. Finally, I always hammer the over.

Reid Conant — Denver

Colorado Buffaloes, Off The Crossbar podcaster
Twitter: @reidconant4 // Instagram: @reidconant4
unnamed (2)

I’m currently a sophomore student at Azusa Pacific University in California.

I work on the broadcast side as well as the writing side at my school and have experience with podcasting, too.

I’m originally from Colorado, so my teams are the CU Buffs, Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalance, and I follow the KC Royals as well.

I’m excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to getting rid of that East Coast bias one article at a time.

Will Talbot — Bay Area

Oregon, Trail Blazers writer
Twitter: @wtalbot14 // Instagram: @wtalbot14

He hasn’t sent in his bio yet, so no profile for him.